Foursome anyone?

If you’ve said any of the following:

“I want to learn how to play golf”

“I’m not that good”

“I don’t want to embarrass myself”

“I want to play, I just don’t have anyone to play with”

“I love playing golf!”

…then this tournament is for you.

The Practice Round is not your average golf tournament. It’s designed to attract, those who are curious about golf, the beginner and the intermediate golfer. I’ve created an opportunity for everyone to have a fun, low-pressure golf experience in a real tournament format.  If you are a young professional, female or minority, then consider this your formal invitation to play in The Practice Round.

Golf is what I call a “transferable skill” for anyone working in corporate America. Knowing how to play or just being comfortable on a golf course can give you a competitive advantage with your colleagues and bosses in a professional setting. Beyond that, golf is fun…really, really fun. So, join me on my journey to introduce more people to the world of golf, you’ll have a great time…I promise.


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