What’s a Scramble, Anyway?

If you’ve signed up for The Practice Round, or plan to (and you should be planning to) you know that we are going to play a 4-person Scramble format.

What is a Scramble format, you ask?

A Scramble means, every person in the foursome takes a tee shot, and the best shot of the four is then selected for the second shot. All four golfers then take their second shot, and the best shot of those is selected for the third. This repeats until the ball finds its way to the hole.

What I love about Scrambles is that you don’t have to be great in every area! The pressure is off to make the PGA Tour shot every time. Maybe you’re a Driving Range Professional and can take it off the tee, maybe you’re the person with the good eye and touch for a great approach, or maybe you putt like a champ…whatever your strength, a scramble lets you play to it.

As a foursome, you will be working together to record the lowest score possible. And while I can’t assure your team will be successful at posting a low score, I can assure you’ll have a good time doing it, even if you do end up loosing a few golf balls. And that’s the whole point of the Practice Round…to give you a low pressure way to play the game of golf with your friends.

See you on the links!


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