One month into a new job, my boss said in a meeting, “I signed you up to play in the Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am with your boss from New York!” Despite being a fan of golf and “advanced novice” for a few years, I was nervous, terrified and excited all at the same time.  I trained, practiced and recalled my previous golf experiences to get ready…and when the tournament came, I had a BLAST!

Golf is not just a sport, it’s an incredibly fun experience that connects worlds, builds confidence and assists with professional development. If I could, I would bottle up my golf experiences, and give them away, so that everyone can feel the fun golf offers.  But since golf doesn’t fit in a bottle, I created The Practice Round; an “entry-level” golf tournament experience for people who want to explore and grow in the world of golf.

The Practice Round caters to newbies, beginners, intermediate and advanced golfers. Why? Because it’s a fun, low pressure golf tournament experience with your peers! After your Practice Round you’ll not only want to play again, you’ll be ready when your boss signs you up for a Pro-Am!


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